What causes inner thigh fat – Lose fat on your thigh

What causes inner thigh fat

Breeches, cellulite, stretch marks, girth – the list of problem areas in the thighs is long. But how can I lose the annoying fat on my thighs? With these sports and nutrition tips, you can lose weight on your thighs and get your legs back in shape in no time!

How can I lose fat on the thigh?

Almost every woman has her problem areas – the legs and especially the thighs are a real classic among them. But how can I specifically lose weight on the thighs and lose the excess fat?

The question is not that easy to answer because the fat distribution in our body is genetically determined. The anatomy of our body also plays a crucial role.

But that doesn’t mean that we have to bury our heads in the sand – with the right diets and effective sports exercises, nothing stands in the way of dream legs.

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Lose weight on the thighs with exercise

If you want to lose fat specifically on your thighs and are otherwise satisfied with the rest of your body, you can do without a strict diet .

With a good mix of endurance sports and strength training, we can build up our muscle tissue on the thighs and lose fat at the same time.

To get the fat burning going, cardio training should be on the training plan two to three times a week. It takes the body about 30 minutes to warm up before the fat burning really starts.

It is entirely up to you what type of endurance training you do. Those who like to do sports outdoors in nature can train the muscles of the thighs while jogging or walking.

In the fitness studio, various course formats such as fat burners, Zumba or the classic bums-legs-buttocks, as well as training on the stepper, cross trainer or treadmill, are suitable to convert excess fat into muscles.

In addition, specific strength training of the legs should be done to promote muscle building in the thighs.

5 exercises to lose fat on your thighs

  • Squats: The classic leg exercises
    They belong in almost every workout and actually everyone has done them before: Squats also known as squats. Squats train both the thighs and the buttocks and, if done correctly, cause a lot of sore muscles.
    Execution: set up hip-width or a little wider. The tips of the feet point forward, the stomach is tight and the back is straight. Now bend your knees and push your buttocks backwards. Make sure that your back stays straight and your knees don’t come over your toes. The arms can be stretched forward or held together in front of the upper body to start with. Three sets of 15 repetitions each are suitable here.
  • Floor scales: With balance to perfect legs
    The floor scales are a real insider tip for building muscles on the thighs and losing fat.
    Execution: tense your stomach and shift your weight onto one leg. Now release the other leg from the floor at the same time, bring it to hip height and come forward with the upper body. The arms are stretched out in length. Hold this position for 15 seconds and then switch to the other leg.
  • Lounges: decrease with the lunge on the thighs
    Execution: stand hip-width apart and take a big step forward with one foot. Distribute the weight evenly on both legs and bend the front leg. Bring your back leg just above the floor and hold it here for 15 to 20 seconds or, as with the squats, straighten up and go back down.
  • Thigh Lift: Two Variants and a Double Effect
    With these two exercises, women train both the inner and outer thighs.
    Execution 1: Lying on your side, with the pelvis straight up. Lay down your upper body or support it on your forearm. Extend both legs, raise the upper leg and lower it again.
    Execution 2: Also lie on your side and place the upper leg in front of the lower leg. Stay in line and now bring your lower leg up and back towards the floor. Again, 15 to 20 repetitions in three sets are suitable.
  • Pelvic lift: Great exercise for firm thighs and firm buttocks
    Execution: Lie on your back and put your feet hip-width apart. Now loosen the pelvis from the floor and bring it up as far as possible. Repeat this process 15 to 20 times as well.

Lose weight on the thigh through the right diet

If you want to lose fat on your thighs, you should work on your diet in addition to a varied exercise program . The body can only use the hardest training effectively if the diet is adapted accordingly.

Legumes are real magic bullets for losing weight on the thighs . Peas, beans, and lentils are both high in protein and fiber and low in calories. The complex carbohydrates contained in legumes go slowly into the blood and have a very filling effect.

Who fish two to three times a week eats, eats enough omega-3 fatty acids to specifically burn fat on the thighs. In addition, the iodine in fish supports the thyroid function while salmon serves as a great source of protein.

Of course, the egg must not be ignored. After all, it provides all the important nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals, is low in calories and at the same time filling.

Alternatively, vegetarians can come back to the diverse selection of soy products . These are also an ideal source of protein and have other positive side effects. Soy binds bad cholesterol (LDL) and special enzymes help break down carbohydrates.

As a snack between meals and in moderation Nuts, seeds and kernels are an ideal aid to lose fat on your thighs. They are full of vitamins, calcium, iron and fiber.

However, since nuts have a high but good fat content, the amount of about 30 grams per day should not be exceeded.

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