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legs cellulite how to get rid of cellulite

In my quest to find a natural and effective remedy to fight cellulite, I found a bit of everything!

But this coffee scrub is gold! If you’re on this page, I’m guessing you already know what cellulite is – it’s those little hollows that are like craters on your skin, mostly on your arms, stomach, hips, and thighs.

One of the most popular and effective ingredients in the fight against cellulite is coffee. It is the number 1 enemy against cellulite. You might have noticed it by now, but it’s used in a lot of creams, lotions, shower gels, and soaps. And used with essential oils, it can work wonders!

We are going to present to you a very simple and very effective procedure to get rid of cellulite in a short period of time. The frequency of application will be every 3-4 days.

1. How long does it take to work?

It takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months to start noticing a significant reduction , but trust me, sooner or later you will notice a positive change.

The key is to be consistent, you need to understand that a problem like this cannot be fixed overnight. You don’t have to give up!

Even if you have a lot of cellulite, you are bound to notice positive results.

2. The ingredients

For the basic mixture:

  • Coffee grounds (it is a powerful antioxidant which stimulates blood circulation);
  • Salt
  • Coconut oil;
  • Cellophane paper.

As Pascale Ruberti, research and development manager at Aroma Zone, points out “Caffeine is a great anti-cellulite component, especially when it is present at more than 5% in a composition“. (Which is the case here).

After the coffee treatment you will need:

  • Grapefruit essential oil (eliminates toxins, has a toning effect and also helps to lose weight);
  • Lavender essential oil (ideal for fighting stretch marks and revitalizing the skin);
  • Lemon essential oil (stimulates the circulatory system and strengthens vascular tissue);
  • Orange essential oil (relieves water retention, softens the skin and stimulates blood circulation);
  • Cypress essential oil (improves circulation and strengthens blood capillaries);
  • Rosemary essential oil (tones the skin);
  • A carrier oil like olive oil or sunflower oil (it will be used in combination with the rest of the oils, because if the essential oils are applied to the skin without being diluted, they can cause irritation ).

Note : If you don’t have all the essential oils, that’s okay!

3. The Instructions:

Mix 80gr of coffee grounds with 6 tbsp. to s. coconut oil and 1-2 tbsp. to s. of salt in an empty jar. Homogenize everything, the mixture should have a creamy consistency, a bit like a paste.

Then rub this mixture to the parts you want in circular movements. Apply a little pressure in circular motions.

Take the cellophane paper and wrap the area for at least half an hour.

Then rinse your legs with lukewarm water and apply the essential oils.

Mix the essential oils in equal parts (think about how much you would need depending on the affected area).

As a general rule of thumb, for each tablespoon of carrier oil, do not put more than 9 drops of essential oil. Here we have 6 essential oils for our recipe, so you can put 3 drops of each of the oils for every 2 tablespoons of carrier oil.

Then apply the oils to the desired area and massage until completely absorbed.

Note: This procedure is not recommended for pregnant women!

If you made extra, store your mixture in a clean glass jar. It can be stored for up to 2 months.

4. Why does the coffee scrub work so well against cellulite?

The content is perfectly optimized to eliminate cellulite:

  • Coffee grounds: rich in caffeine, coffee grounds stimulate blood circulation to the surface of the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants, which allows for smoother skin. Caffeine also helps firm the skin, thereby reducing cellulite. The coffee grounds are also very exfoliating!
  • Coconut Oil: This nutritious and healing oil works wonders. Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory that helps reduce any form of inflammation on the skin. Coconut oil also helps in getting rid of scars, blemishes, and stretch marks.
  • Salt: Salt acts like tiny massage balls, which will stimulate cellulite under the skin.

Renée Loux, natural beauty expert at Women’s Health, shared her opinion on this method.

His verdict: Yes, it is effective, but in the short term. In the sense that you have to be regular in this treatment for it to last over the long term. Understand that it must be done regularly so that the effects do not go away.

5. But there are also other very important things that help you get rid of cellulite.

  • Eat healthy.

It is an important part of any treatment. Because even if you use this method, and you continue to eat foods that are not healthy, it will not work!

Imagine you’re building a house, brick by brick, and at night someone (that’s you) comes along and destroys everything you built the day before. It’s called self-sabotage. Just introduce more vegetables and fruits into your diet.

  • Drink a lot of water

Water is extremely important in the process because it helps flush out toxins. Water will also keep your skin hydrated!

  • Exercise

It is an important part in any transformation of the body. Exercise will help you tone muscles and burn fat faster. It is important to do this regularly to increase your heart rate and improve blood circulation.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that fat burning increased by 36% after intensive aerobic or yoga training.

  • Do massages

Cellulite massages are quite painful, but they are very effective. Why are they so painful? Because during the process the main goal is to break down the fat cells. A little intense massages are therefore necessary.

You can do this at home, by purchasing an anti-cellulite brush and massaging it for about 5 minutes.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep is really important for your well-being. Your body works best when you get enough sleep. It will tend to remove toxins better and absorb nutrients from food better .

  • Manage your stress level

Women with high estrogen levels tend to store more fat and have more cellulite. In fact, everyday stress can cause hormonal imbalances. So, stay zen!

Hope you enjoy the results!


Cellulite: That’s where orange peel comes from, that’s how you get rid of it

cellulite free legs

Cellulite has nothing to do with weight, it shows up on the thinnest legs. We reveal how to avoid them, smooth them out and what you can use to combat them.

Cellulite is a primarily cosmetic issue. It has to do with ideals of beauty, self-perception, lifestyle. What is nice is what is firm – cellulite dents are the opposite.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is first of all a skin condition. No illness. You can find the dents ugly or ignore them. This is your choice.

Numerous studies have shown that in more than 80 percent of the women examined – regardless of age – cellulite occurs in a more or less pronounced form.

Every woman has a tendency to cellulite. Men can also get orange peel if they cause a loss of androgens through constant stress in combination with obesity and muscle breakdown.

Then their connective tissue also becomes weak and dents. Different than with women, because men have a mesh connective tissue, but women have a vertically structured one.

The development of cellulite

  • Stage 1 : On the surface, the skin is firm and smooth. But if you squeeze the skin on your thighs, buttocks or stomach with your hands, honeycomb-shaped dents appear – you are predisposed to orange peel.
  • Stage 2 : The cellulite is visible without pushing the skin together and pinching the affected area is painful.
  • Stage 3: The cellulite is clearly visible. The skin is slack, has an irregular structure and is gray due to poor blood circulation

What Causes Cellulite?

cellulite causes before after
cellulite causes before after

An interaction of hormones, body fat percentage, stress, fatty, sugary diet and lack of exercise, alcohol and smoking also cause cellulite.

The more fat the cells store, the more the fat cells push themselves out through the lattice-like connective tissue. There are bumps and valleys, i.e. dents.

Coffee, nicotine and alcohol put a strain on the connective tissue, wear it out, so to speak, by hindering the metabolism. Energy flows worse through fat than through muscles – that creates inertia. The stabilizing fibroblasts, mother cells of the connective tissue that produce firming collagen and elastin, are also weakened by a poor lifestyle.

So the fat cells fed by poor nutrition can bulge outwards.

An old wives’ tale has to be revealed here: jogging does not cause cellulite . Unless you have no muscles and run like crazy without any prior strength training.

Then dents can form at the beginning, but they disappear again with regular training.

This is how you fight cellulite

Anything that promotes blood circulation and the breakdown of body fat will help fight cellulite. Inside and out. Because cellulite is, in the broadest sense, the result of metabolic slowness.

  • You can contribute more vegetables, especially green, lots of non-carbonated water, lots of sleep, massages and relaxation.
  • And use products that refine the complexion and also promote the removal of energy robbers from the connective tissue. Above all, exercise helps to get rid of cellulite.
  • Coffee grounds left over from the last time you brewed coffee are a great way to improve blood circulation. Simply stir in about a tablespoon of olive oil and apply to the skin after showering like an exfoliator. Massage in gently and rinse off.
  • Dry brushing is a great way to combat poor blood circulation, a cause of cellulite. But be careful: dry brushing can aggravate spider veins . So don’t scrub like crazy, but massage gently.
  • Kneading, pinching, plucking, pressing – professional massages are perfect measures which, in addition to exercise and a balanced diet, can ensure firm connective tissue.

Anti-cellulite products

The market offers a lot of high-tech products with exotic ingredients that promise a lot.

Caffeine, power plants from the Amazon (Peruvian liana), licorice extracts , ginseng, green tea for blood circulation, salicylic and glycolic acid for the peeling effect.

Even though many anti-cellulite products feel very effective on the skin, cellulite cannot simply be creamed away.

To do this, the cream would have to penetrate deep under the skin to the fat cells. But they can still help a little.

The active ingredients tighten and firm the outer skin layer, which can thus offer more resistance to the fatty tissue.

It is important that the anti-cellulite creams are regularly applied and massaged in so that they improve blood circulation, stimulate lymph flow and really fight cellulite.

How does exercise help against cellulite?

Fighting cellulite has been shown to work through exercise. The best prerequisite for firm skin are therefore tight muscles. “Where there are muscles, fatty tissue cannot settle so easily. Muscles increase the basal metabolic rate. They burn more calories than fat tissue, ” explains dermatologist Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann.

The better metabolism not only tightens the tissue , but also detoxifies it. Those who don’t exercise should therefore do endurance and strength training twice a week.

Swimming , biking, yoga, and equipment training are perfect.

4 workout quickies

Just a few minutes of exercise a day will tighten the tissue. These exercises can be easily incorporated into everyday life:

Wall seat Lean
your back against the wall, slide down to a 90-degree angle. Hold the position for 30 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds, 7 reps.

Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart. Get on your knees as low as if you were about to sit in a chair. Tilt your upper body slightly forward, stretch your buttocks back, keeping your knees above your toes. 10 squats, 15 seconds rest, 2 reps.

Stand Lunges
upright. Take a large step forward with one leg. The trunk remains upright. Back to the stand and switch sides. 15 to 20 lungs per side, pause, 3 rounds.

Quite easy by the way
When brushing your teeth, slowly stand on your toes and lower your heels again.

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Proper nutrition for cellulite

The more fat the cells store, the greater the pressure they exert on the surrounding tissue. Anyone who eats a lot of sugar, fat and salt and drinks a lot of coffee and alcohol never gets their fat off.

Nutrition tip from a professional: take in sufficient vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E in particular, which is contained in nuts and whole grain products, is particularly useful.

Citrus fruits and vegetables, which are high in vitamin C , are also good for connective tissue. Amino acids in the form of meat and protein support the body in building new connective tissue.

By the way, nothing is worse in combating cellulite than an up and down weight. Crash diets weaken the elastic fibers of the tissue by releasing free radicals. If the fat cells are filled again, the connective tissue is overwhelmed.

Burning Fat: These foods will help you lose weight

foods will help you lose weight

Those who declare war on their belly fat should also pay attention to their diet: Certain foods can support fat loss and thus weight loss. You can find out what they are and how they work here.

Some foods are considered fat burners, which automatically boost the metabolism and fat burning when consumed – and are therefore particularly recommended when losing weight.

They contain certain ingredients: For example, enzymes in fruit, tea and coffee, hot spices such as chilli and the L-carnitine contained in dairy products and meat.

One thing in advance: If you want to lose weight, you should pay attention to a balanced diet as a whole , instead of placing hope in certain foods.

Certain foods can simply be additional supportive to get rid of belly fat faster.

The prerequisite for fat burning is exercise in combination with a healthy diet. You should focus on lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, protein-rich foods , complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Can Food Really Burn Fat?

Unfortunately, to get rid of stubborn belly fat permanently, it is often not enough to exercise regularly. True to the motto “Abs are made in the kitchen” – a healthy diet plays the most important role.

Indeed, some foods are better suited for fat loss than others.

Why? Because they stimulate the metabolism and ensure that the body burns more fat when it is resting. In addition, they influence the hormone control in the body and thus also support the fat burning process.

The influence of insulin

The insulin level plays an important role in this. If this is too high, less energy is used from the fat cells. For example, sugary foods can greatly increase insulin levels, with the result that less fat is used for energy production, but rather fast energy is drawn from the sugar.

Therefore, the following applies in principle: Foods containing fiber that allow the blood sugar level to rise in a controlled manner are better suited for losing weight than sugar bombs.

Testosterone increases fat loss

If our hormonal balance is mixed up, our fat metabolism no longer functions properly either.

The sex hormones testosterone, estrogen and progesterone have a particular influence: a low testosterone and progesterone content inhibits fat loss. Where, on the other hand, an increased estrogen content supports the build-up of fat, but unfortunately results in unsightly water retention in the body.

The body needs fat to produce testosterone naturally: unsaturated fat as well as saturated fat. For example, walnuts, olive oil, avocados and coconut oil provide the body with healthy fats.

These foods stimulate fat burning

The prerequisite for achieving weight loss with certain foods is a healthy lifestyle and the right amount.

So if you grab a double cheeseburger with tartar sauce on the sofa on a “Netflix & Chill” day and sip a hot cup of green tea , you are tricking yourself.

Better: The diet should be balanced overall. Combine the foods against belly fat with other healthy fitness makers.

The 17 Best Fatburn Foods

Green tea, cinnamon , chilli and grapefruit heat up your metabolism and help you lose weight. But these foods are also real fat burners and should get at least as much attention:


The so-called tree melon is not only low in calories (35 calories per 100 grams), but also has the fat-burning enzyme papain. It helps digest protein – that’s why papaya speeds up fat burning.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil plays an important role in testosterone production because of its saturated fat content – and high testosterone levels support fat loss. Just one teaspoon of the tropical oil per day is enough to support production.

Red Pepper

Foods containing vitamin C, such as peppers, increase fat burning. Vitamin C helps the body to produce the hormone norepinephrine and removes fat from the cells in the body.


Among the citrus fruits, they are the front runners in terms of vitamin C content.

The immune power substance is indispensable for the fat metabolism because it controls the production of L-carnitine in the human body together with niacin and vitamin B 6 and thus promotes fat burning in the muscles. Lemon essential oils promote detoxification via the liver.


Turmeric stimulates the production of bile in the gallbladder, which in turn helps burn fat. In addition, it curbs the appetite.

Barley Grass

Two glasses of barley grass juice a day stimulate metabolic processes and can accordingly have a positive effect on reducing belly fat.

To do this, stir a heaping teaspoon of organic barley grass powder in a glass of water and drink it 20 minutes before eating.

Barley grass has a high proportion of chlorophyll , which has a positive influence on fat burning. Chlorophyll also promotes the flushing of toxins from the body and helps cleanse the liver.

A clean liver ensures that fat cells are eliminated faster. In addition, barley grass regulates the blood sugar level, prevents food cravings and increases the feeling of satiety.

These foods inhibit your metabolism

Only after you have consumed the above foods will your metabolism really get into full swing. However, there are also foods that can hinder fat burning and thus the weight loss process .

  1. Number one: alcohol . Even after enjoying a drink, the body is busy breaking down cell toxins – this almost completely stops the fat metabolism. Wine, beer and cocktails also contain a lot of sugar, which is responsible for a rapid rise and then a fall in insulin levels. And: We consume additional calories through alcohol . The result: the fat burning effect is slowed down.
  2. Donuts or chocolate: Sugar is a real killer for the metabolism – especially foods with a high sugar content such as sweets or white flour products. The reason: after consumption (as with alcohol), the blood sugar level suddenly skyrockets. The pancreas then releases insulin, which ensures that the sugar can be absorbed by the cells.
    However, if too much insulin is released, this is critical: If the insulin level is high, no fat is used for energy production. When losing weight, it is better to reduce your sugar consumption .
  3. No surprise: fast food hinders fat metabolism. Why? Burgers, frozen pizza and french fries have a lot of calories and hardly any healthy nutrients.
    The problem: Most of them consist of saturated fatty acids and sugar and are low in vitamins and fiber. Instead, fast food is full of flavors and artificial additives – unnecessary ballast for our digestion.
  4. Sweeteners : Those who rely on light products may be wondering why they don’t really want to work with losing weight despite low-calorie foods. The reason for this: Light products often contain sweeteners – for example cyclamate, acesulfame K, sucralose, stevia or aspartame.
    The problem: According to the latest studies, the consumption of sweeteners is linked to weight gain. Experts believe that sweeteners not only increase the percentage of body fat, but also permanently unbalance the hormonal balance.

Food for weight loss: the best combinations

Try eating more healthy foods that stimulate your metabolism. A handful of almonds is a great afternoon snack. Coffee or green tea goes well with it – pure, without milk, without sugar or sweetener.

You can cook fiery curries with turmeric and ginger , and cinnamon makes your porridge even healthier.

Salad, chili con crane or a green smoothie: almost everything tastes better with avocado. But be careful: even if avocado contains good fats, it will quickly increase the number of calories in your meal.

But best of all: Consume certain foods in combination. This boosts the metabolism and helps burn fat.

Salmon and ginger

You probably already know this mixture from your last visit to the sushi restaurant: fish and ginger just go well together in terms of taste. But not only that: Both are combined into a real fat burner. In addition to proteins and omega-3 fatty acids , salmon also contains many vitamins and minerals.

Consumption helps break down excess fat and build muscle. In addition, oily fish is generally considered to be beneficial to health. If you add ginger, your metabolism gets an enormous boost. Another positive property of the super tuber: it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Broccoli and eggs

Because they are particularly rich in nutrients, eggs should be eaten two to three times a week, according to the German Nutrition Society .

In combination with green vegetables, for example broccoli , they become even healthier.

Eggs have a high protein content and therefore keep you full for a long time. If you eat broccoli with it, eggs also help to better absorb the antioxidants contained in the vegetables .

The so-called carotenoids help to protect the cells and make the immune system fit.

Another plus point of the combination: It burns fat, helps build muscle and strengthens skin and hair.

Oatmeal and berries

If you struggle with food cravings during the day , you should try this breakfast combination: Oatmeal and berries keep you full for an extra long time.

Oats are not only the healthiest of all grains, they also have other great properties. With a high proportion of magnesium and unsaturated fatty acids, oats for example also promote fat burning.

You should also eat berries because they are very nutritious and surprisingly also responsible for fat loss. The red fruits owe this effect to so-called polyphenols, including resveratrol.

The best thing about this food mix: It is very versatile and therefore doesn’t get boring easily. You can eat oatmeal and berries as muesli, porridge, bars or smoothies, among other things.

Criticism of weight loss foods

According to experts, fat burn foods for weight loss should be consumed with caution.

The question of whether it is really true that food burns fat has been investigated in various studies by scientists. In fact, they were able to find evidence that caffeine and green tea tannins may affect fat burning.

As great as that sounds at first, according to Professor Andreas Pfeiffer from Charité Berlin, there is currently one big but: “There are only indications, scientific evidence on humans is missing so far.”

Most of the findings would come from laboratory experiments, and scientists would also have Plant extracts or isolated ingredients are often used in high concentrations.

Dr. Matthias Riedl, nutritionist from Hamburg, is critical of natural fat burners, especially in fruit. He explains: “Enzymes are proteins that are broken down in the stomach.

“Even before they could theoretically have an effect on fat burning, the enzymes from the fruit are broken down – and thus inactivated.

The intake of these quickly digestible carbohydrates increases blood sugar levels quickly, but only makes you feel full for a short time.

If you eat them in addition to your normal diet, the fruits only lead to the intake of more calories. “Anyone who eats the fruit in large quantities could therefore damage their weight,” said Riedl.

The experts also question the effect of capsaican in red chillies.

Burn fat – that really helps

According to the experts, there is only one solution for anyone who really wants to burn fat: exercise! “Moderate endurance sport in particular supports fat loss,” says Pfeiffer.

“Moderate” means an intensity of exertion that is already felt to be strenuous, but at which, for example, you can still entertain without any problems. Those who are active also build muscle mass – and thus use more energy even when they are resting.

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